There are two firmwares in the archive:

1. For Altera MAX7000 microcircuit. Several firmwares have been prepared for different types of microcircuits (the archive is being replenished), differing in memory size and timings. Be careful when choosing a file for your microcircuit, its type is indicated on the case.

2. For ROM type 39SF020 (256 KB) or similar. This archive contains the last official version released by Peters Plus in 2003. The ROM contains the BIOS, the setup program, and the FPGA firmware. Unfortunately, the source codes from the firmware are lost forever and the development of this version is impossible. However, there is a slightly earlier version in the source code that is being developed by the Sprinter Team.

Version: 3.04.253
Status: Project is closed
Published: 06.06.2021
Project is closed
Peters Plus
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; Version 3.04
; R0046 16.06.2003 IM Fixes for video compatibility with Sp2000
; R0046 13.06.2003 IM Bug fixes in ZX mode
; R0046 06/02/2003 IM Corrections for video RAM AS7C1024A-JC12

; Version 3.03
; R0045 05.02.2003 IM Corrections for video RAM AS7C1024-JC12

; Version 3.02
; R0044 01.10.2002 IM Firmware additions

; Version 3.00.253 (10.04.2002) UPDATE01
; R0043 01.04.2002 IM Recompiled firmware for PLM for SIMM
; R0042 10.03.2002 DNS Setup 253

; Version 2.17.252 (03.03.2002) UPDATE-beta-version
; R0041 03-03-2002 IM Corrected colors in the CGA palette function
; R0040 02-03-2002 IM Fixed a glitch in the function of issuing ports
; R0039 02-03-2002 IM Added reading palette and text CGA palette

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